Hello Mischief Makers.

The 'Mischief and Adventure Club for Retirees with a Sense of Adventure' is the social side of Renegade Generation. Caroline and Fiona are still at the helm, you may remember us from the original Meetup group.

If you're retired, approaching retirement or semi-retired and looking for unique social experiences with a dash of debauchery you're in the right place.

We aim to be your inside source of curated events, experiences, activities, weekend trips, opportunities to contribute and collaborate all in and around London.

The experiences we want to bring you, the places we want to take you and the people we want to introduce you to will make you the envy of your social circle.

You can see a selection of our past events below. Highlights have been opera and gin cocktails in a cemetery, Moscow Drug Club at Canterbury Festival, a tour inside the Freemasons' Hall and lunch in a medieval pub...

We aim to hold a small number of carefully selected events each year, usually in or around London. If you'd like to go on the list receive invites by email please register via the form provided.

We require your name and email address in order to send you event invites, but please rest assured, we don't use your information for any other purposes.

Any questions about the Mischief and Adventure Club can be directed to mischiefandadventureclub (at) gmail.com.