Caroline Bosher

Renegade Generation co-founder

Caroline is a User Experience (UX) researcher and designer, and Lead Design Mentor at Google’s Launchpad programme in London.

She’s a powerful advocate for harnessing the skills, talents, experience and energy of the over 50s. With Renegade Generation, she aims to partner with best-in-class companies and organisations to give people access to work that is fun, stimulating and goes against stereotypes.

Caroline was inspired to launch Renegade Generation after seeing her parents and grandparents face challenges as they made the transition from full-time work into retirement.

Caroline knows what it means to make a big life change, having moved from a small country town in Australia to London 14 years ago, and now lives in Notting Hill. She realised that the crucial skills for negotiating change successfully are adaptability, resilience, identifying your transferable skills and having a diverse network.

With Renegade Generation, Caroline is now helping others to navigate their own life transitions, drawing on her digital skills, UX design background and 5* hotel management training. This experience translates into a website and services that are a joy to use and tailor-made to answer the needs of the Renegade Generation.

Caroline has a reputation as a ‘supernetworker’ with a passion for infiltrating high-calibre networks and connecting people who don’t know each other yet, but really should. Together with Fiona, she’s enjoying all the possibilities that Renegade Generation offers for cross-pollinating new people, ideas and career opportunities.