Fiona Green

Renegade Generation co-founder AND CEO

Always in search of new ideas, Fiona is a passionate advocate of lifelong learning and loves to challenge the stereotypes of her age group. She has an innate understanding of the needs of the 50+ worker thanks to her age, career and life experiences.

She began her corporate career working in HR, which provided an excellent grounding in supporting employees through their career development, learning and development opportunities, changing circumstances, career moves and on how to recruit the best talent. During this time Fiona continued her learning and qualified with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

Subsequently, she was an early adopter in the dot-com revolution, when she joined the founding team of a $15m backed VC-backed technology start-up. Following the sale of the start-up, Fiona co-founded a software company and grew it to become a £3.2m net profit business, culminating in a successful trade sale to Capita PLC in 2008.

On exiting the business, Fiona decided to change the focus of her work and use a mix of her transferable skills in business and people development to benefit others. 

The career switch allowed her to spend the next nine years working with start-ups and small businesses, advising and mentoring directors on stakeholder engagement, HR, legal, operations, finance and new business. Her learning continued during this time, qualifying on The Institute of Directors Chartered Director Programme and as an Enterprise Mentor with the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship.

With Renegade Generation, Fiona is drawing on her extensive experience of corporate life, running a successful business of her own, mentoring and career transitions to help others discover a renewed sense of purpose as they navigate their way towards a vibrant new 50+ career.