Fiona Green

Renegade Generation co-founder

Fiona is an experienced independent director specialising in the technology and digital sectors. She’s excited about the potential of Renegade Generation to change society’s attitudes towards ageing, to boost older people’s confidence and to encourage them to be adventurous about work, whatever their age.

Fiona was an early adopter in the revolution and co-founded and owned a software business based in Windsor for five years. She grew it to become a £3.2m net profit business, culminating in a successful trade sale to Capita PLC in 2008.

After the euphoria of selling the business, her overwhelming feeling was ‘What next?’. She realised she’d lost her sense of purpose, achievement and belonging. At the same time, she knew she had to change, re-evaluate her skills and find a way forward.

This experience gave her an insight into the challenges and emotions faced by people who are made redundant or are approaching retirement. With Renegade Generation, she’s addressing these needs while offering a community and network where people can inspire each other and share opportunities.

Fiona brings business savvy gained during her years working as a business angel, non-executive director, advisor and mentor. Her core skills highlight all-round business strengths, advising in areas such as finance, human resources, marketing and sales. Her experience of raising funds, managing investors, developing new teams and evaluating a company’s key resources and talents have been key in her mentoring and advising of company directors.

Through her work, Fiona has built up an extensive network of business contacts in London, which is already providing an invaluable resource for the Renegade Generation.