Renegade Generation


A modern career resource for over 45s so they can thrive in the new world of work

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They know life doesn't slow down after 50. It opens up.

They are thinking of 'retiring' or have already 'retired' from a lifelong career and know there is no such thing as a traditional 'retirement' anymore.

They want to apply their skills and years of expertise in new and interesting ways, or try something completely different.

Ageless Explorers - welcome to your secret weapon.




'How To' Workshop

Become a Model

Mature models are in high demand, along with TV and film extras (supporting artists) and voice over actors. We've sourced industry experts and over 50s working in the industry to step you through everything from how to get started to what to expect. We've also got you the photographers, stylists and agencies that those in the know swear by.

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'How To' Workshop

volunteer in the arts

While volunteering enables you to make a difference and give back, you'll also uncover a myriad of benefits including the opportunity to develop new skills, build on existing experience, gain confidence and feel part of a team. Increase your chances of securing a voluntary position within the U.K's finest establishments.

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'How To' Workshop

Become an Airbnb Host

You can generate income and meet new people by becoming an Airbnb host, however it's good to know the basics before you get started. We've sourced experienced hosts and complementary businesses who will answer your questions and guide you through everything you need to know for the best chance of success.


World-class Team and Advisors

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fiona green


Fiona is an experienced independent director specialising in the technology and digital sectors. She’s excited about the potential of Renegade Generation to change society’s attitudes towards ageing, to boost older people’s confidence and to encourage them to be adventurous about work, whatever their age.

Fiona was an early adopter in the revolution and co-founded and owned a software business. She grew it to become a £3.2m net profit business, culminating in a successful trade sale to Capita PLC in 2008.



Caroline is a User Experience (UX) Researcher / Designer and a mentor for startup founders at Google’s Launchpad Accelerator programme.

She’s a powerful advocate for harnessing the skills, talents, experience and energy of the over 50s. With Renegade Generation, she aims to partner with best-in-class companies and organisations to give people access to work that is fun, stimulating and goes against stereotypes.






Renegade Generation allows people to rediscover their lifelong wishes and gives them the courage to try something new in a fun, positive, upbeat environment.
— Judy Rich, Retirement Coach and Founder of Long Tall Sally
When you stop working, whether it’s because of retirement or redundancy, it can be pretty daunting. But this is when life starts, not stops. That’s what I love about Renegade Generation. The workshops are helping people open their minds to possibilities they never even dreamed were out there.
— Francesca, former banker
Seventy’s the new 40! I’m interested in life and learning, always curious to know more, and that’s why Renegade Generation appeals to me.
— Roger, entrepreneur / speaker / dog trainer / model / TV and Film extra